What is an INDIBA Treatment Therapy?

INDIBA therapy is the process of using modern medical equipment to increase the internal temperature of the body tissue, also known as radiofrequency therapy. Through Indiba therapy, it will increase your body’s energy by facilitating the positive and negative ions in our cells to maintain healthy cells throughout the body.

The therapeutic device applies longwave radio frequencies at 448 kHz externally through the skin to penetrate and stimulate tissue repair noninvasively, with or without a thermal effect. This creates improved metabolic reactions, facilitating an inflammatory response essential for the body’s natural recovery.


INDIBA® is a global leader in the field of Radio-Frequency (RF) solutions for the physiotherapy, aesthetic and veterinary market, and is known in the world for its scientific research performed in the last 40 years.

For years, INDIBA’s ground-breaking technology based on the 448 kHz frequency, has helped people to improve their lives and recover faster from injuries. INDIBA has developed and revolutionized treatment methods in each and every one of the sectors we operate in and we continue doing so.

At INDIBA we believe we can contribute to the health and well-being of our patients by addressing new and growing needs of the aging population and in offering treatments that will allow people to continue their lifestyle at an older age. Revitalizing lives is what we do and what our research and development teams are working on to achieve daily.

Our History

INDIBA was founded by Mr Calbet in 1983 and he devoted his life to the research and development of radiofrequency equipment.

Mr Calbet was highly motivated to learn how to safely introduce RF into the body; generating health benefits and improving people’s lives. 12 patents and the design of more than 25 different models later, the INDIBA® technology has been recognized and won many international awards.

Mr Calbet passed away in 2018 but his work and values continue to define INDIBA®.

Our superior products and work processes are certified to ISO 13485 and CE 0051 and by the FDA.


INDIBA is an electromagnetic current which is delivered to the body via electrodes at a radiofrequency of 448kHz. This current gradually increases the treated tissue temperature. The temperature rise triggers the body’s natural regeneration, repair and defense responses. For the current frequency of 448 kHz other effects can also be obtained without heating the body’s tissues, demonstrated via molecular research; bio-stimulation.

INDIBA is approved by specific country’s regulatory bodies, it is CE marked and FDA approved. INDIBA provides comprehensive training and specialist courses. We are constantly working with leading universities and research centres to ensure we deliver safe and effective technology.

INDIBA invests a lot of resources on researching their technology to ensure the best results. During this research, a team at the highly recognized Spanish University Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid (Dr Ubeda and team) have been looking into what happens to the body’s cells when INDIBA is applied. They have found that INDIBA’s 448kHz frequency is effective at stimulating stem cell proliferation and differentiating them. Normal healthy cells are not injured. It was also tested on certain types of cancer cells in vitro, where it was found that it decreased the number of these cells establishing, but not normal cells, so that it was safe to use in humans and, therefore, on animals as well.

Depending on the reached temperature, different effects are obtained:

  • At non-heating intensities, due to the effect of the unique 448kHz current, bio-stimulation occurs. This can help in the early stages of an injury by accelerating the body’s action. It can also help with pain relief and accelerate through the inflammatory pathway.
  • At mild temperature increase the main action is vascularization, increasing deep blood flow delivering more oxygen and nutrients for repair. Muscle spasms reduce and there is a reduction in pain. Oedema can be dramatically reduced.
  • At high temperatures there is a hyperactivation effect, which increases both deep blood flow volume and intensity (Kumaran & Watson 2017). In aesthetics the high tissue temperature may reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as improve the appearance of cellulite.

Your therapist will discuss why INDIBA treatment may be of benefit.

During the treatment the therapist will use conductive media on the skin to conduct the current. It is completely painless, they use either a coated electrode called a capacitive which generates more superficial warmth or resistive which is a metal electrode, developing a deeper heat and targeting tissue deeper in the body. This is a pleasant treatment for both humans and animals receiving treatment.

This depends on the type of treatment. Chronic conditions normally need more sessions than acute conditions. It can vary from 2 or 3, to many more. Ask your health professional for more information.

There is no limit; number of sessions will depend on the disorder or condition to treat and its severity. You can have maintenance treatments to prolong the results if you have a chronic problem or you want to benefit from more lasting effects.

This depends on what is being treated. In an acute injury the effects can be immediate, there is often a reduction in pain from the very first session even in chronic conditions.
In aesthetics some treatments, such as the face, can have results by the end of the very first session. With fat reduction results are seen over a couple of weeks, some people report a reduction in a couple of days.

The effects may last for a long time depending on the treatment session features. Often the result lasts longer once you have had a couple of sessions. For chronic Osteoarthritis pain, people have reported the effects lasting up to 3 months (Kumaran and Watson 2019). Also the results of the aesthetic treatments can last up to several months later.

No, it is not painful, in fact is a very pleasant treatment. You should tell the health professional if you feel any discomfort.

No, laser uses light to penetrate the skin. The evidence confirms that laser therapy cannot penetrate further than 15mm (around the length of a human nail) in depth. This means that laser is very superficial in what it can target. It is a very focused treatment. Due to INDIBA being an electromagnetic current, the tissues are targeted without the skin absorbing much of the affect.

  • Pacemakers or other types of electronic implants.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Thrombophlebitis.

Devices working at 448 kHz are not contraindicated in the case of metallic implants (hip, knee replacements and metal pins and plates)

You can start with INDIBA within the first week after having a baby to help speed your recovery and reduce pain. Your therapist may start with bio-stimulation first. Although they cannot treat over open wounds your therapist will be able to treat around this until it has closed, like in caesarean sections. INDIBA may help with improving scar formation and ensure it is supple.